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Usebuybase tosell access to your Airtable, Notion or Spreadsheet.
Just link your Stripe account, connect your data, and start selling.


Link. Connect. Sell.

Sell access to your dataset,
in 3 simple steps.

buybase is the easiest way to sell access to your dataset. Start selling and collecting payments in 3 easy steps —

Link your Stripe account

We partner with Stripe for all our payments processing - You can link your existing Stripe account, or create a new on, to start accepting payments in minutes.

Connect your dataset

Connect any of your Airtable or Notion databases, or upload a .xlsx or .csv file.

Sell access and collecting payments

Once you link a Stripe account and connect a dataset, you can start selling access to your data instantly.

Limited pricing for our Beta users

Join buybase while we're still in beta, and get access to our special discount rates on all purchases.

One flat rate

Our pricing is super simple — we charge a small, fixed percentage on each purchase made. You won't have to worry about any recurring monthly bills. Plus, it means that we only profit when you do.

What’s included

  • Unlimited datasets
  • No recurring costs
  • Unlimited purchases
  • Analytics, Emails and more

One fee,
no monthly cost.

5%on each purchase.

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Stripe fees not included.